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automatic_translations2018-fundraiser & zwiebelfreunde automatic translationemma peel12 months
changes_faqbetter less wordsemma peel18 months
corefiles_updateremove install/os from core_filesemma peel17 months
doc-asp/15539-new-order-elements-docsthis options are not available anymoreemma peel18 months
doc/14589this will not happen with the new featureemma peel18 months
doc/14589-additional-softwaresuggestionemma peel14 months
doc/14589-prune_gnome_keyring_mentionswe will not ship it anymoreemma peel18 months
doc/feature-14594-asp-guimove dotfilesemma peel18 months
doc/update_repo_releaseupdate distribution in docs after user reportemma peel18 months
docs-asp/15538-docs_add_softwbring back the link to deeper docsemma peel18 months
docs-asp/15541-changes-configpersistrewrappingemma peel18 months
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es_weblate_updateweblate updates spanishemma peel4 months
es_weblate_updatessmall updates es translationemma peel17 months
feature/11687-electrum_recoveryadd anchoremma peel19 months
fr_updatessome French correctionsemma peel20 months
fuzzy_germanunfuzzying Germanemma peel12 months
german_updatesweblate updates Germanemma peel19 months
inline_corrections_faPersian inlines, plus some automatic translationsemma peel12 months
inlines_correctionitalian inlines correctedemma peel12 months
ita-weblatemany small changes to italian filesweblate20 months
ita_updatesheaders and inlinesemma peel18 months
italian-updatesupdates from weblate to Italian filesemma peel20 months
italian_updateswiki/src/install it updates, many corrections inlinesemma peel12 months
italian_weblateupdates ita translationemma peel11 months
masterlittle fix: newlineemma peel19 months
more_spa_updatesseveral translations known issues esemma peel19 months
new_enigmail_howtochanges and unfuzzy to .po filesemma peel19 months
new_translationsautomatic translations release notesemma peel12 months
news-force_listassociated changes on .po filesemma peel17 months
pt_updatessome Portuguese updates from weblate: new strings and also automatic translat...emma peel12 months
pt_weblate_updatessmall updatesemma peel17 months
small_correctionsveracrypt italian translationemma peel12 months
spanish_weblate_updatesupdates to wiki/src/doc/anonymous_internet/ spanishemma peel18 months
trans_updatesweblate harvest for Spanishemma peel12 months
translationspanish new translationsemma peel12 months
translation-fixesAdd some more comments for translatorssegfault12 months
typos-faqthree typosemma peel18 months
updatesreduce es deltaemma peel17 months
updates_faheaders and automatic farsi translations in news section. release notesemma peel18 months
updates_for_germancorrections from weblateemma peel20 months
updates_ptheadersemma peel19 months
updates_pt_BRautomatic translatin pt release notes and other newsemma peel18 months
updates_spanishmore spanish updatesemma peel19 months
updates_weblateupdate spanish translations from weblateemma peel19 months
weblate-release_notesupdates for 3.6.2 release notesemma peel17 months