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Switch to tor+http:// APT sources at boot time instead of at build time (Will-Fix: #8715).
live-build expects to be the only one that manages APT sources. Since feature/8194-APT-socks was merged, we're breaking this assumption of its, by mangling APT sources under live-build's feet via chroot_local-hooks. More specifically, if: * $LB_MIRROR_CHROOT != $LB_MIRROR_BINARY or $LB_MIRROR_CHROOT_SECURITY != $LB_MIRROR_BINARY_SECURITY, as is the case when building with Vagrant or when following our manual build setup instructions accurately (live-build defaults to for some of its APT configuration), or: * one has dropped .deb's in config/chroot_local-packages, as contributors without write access to our APT repository may want to do, then after completing the chroot_local-hooks stage, lb_chroot_sources would rewrite APT sources to match what we have previously configured (see the check at lines 490-498 in live-build 2.x tree), and therefore the ISO image would have http:// URLs configured instead of the expected tor+http://. Therefore, let's mangle APT sources configuration at boot time instead.
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diff --git a/config/binary_local-hooks/40-include_syslinux_in_ISO_filesystem b/config/binary_local-hooks/40-include_syslinux_in_ISO_filesystem
index 8fc75e1..e79fb91 100755
--- a/config/binary_local-hooks/40-include_syslinux_in_ISO_filesystem
+++ b/config/binary_local-hooks/40-include_syslinux_in_ISO_filesystem
@@ -43,12 +43,10 @@ cp "$CHROOT_SYSLINUX_MBR" "$BINARY_MBR_DIR/mbr.bin"
cat chroot/etc/apt/sources.list chroot/etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list \
| sed --regexp-extended -e 's,^deb(\s+),deb-src\1,' \
-Chroot chroot /usr/local/lib/apt-toggle-tor-http off
Chroot chroot apt-get --yes update
Chroot chroot apt-get --yes install dpkg-dev
Chroot chroot apt-get source syslinux="$(syslinux_deb_version_in_chroot)"
cp chroot/syslinux-*/bios/win32/syslinux.exe "$WIN32_BINARY_UTILS_DIR/"
rm -r chroot/syslinux*
-Chroot chroot /usr/local/lib/apt-toggle-tor-http on
Chroot chroot apt-get --yes purge dpkg-dev make # dpkg-dev depends on make