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Install a 32-bit GRUB EFI boot loader, with an initial hand-made configuration.
Ideally: * either this configuration should be generated automatically from the syslinux one; * or, we should use GRUB's syslinux_configfile command (from the syslinuxcfg module) to load and interpret the syslinux configuration; * or, worst case, we should have a documented process to update the GRUB configuration whenever we change anything that affects the syslinux one. Also, this initial configuration has some drawbacks: * it has a security issue, see XXX in grub.cfg; * the failsafe mode is incomplete, because I currently need that one to debug stuff. Refs: #8471
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## breaks lb because of desktop-base.postinst (see Debian bug #467620)
#if ARCHITECTURE i386 amd64
# grub