path: root/config/chroot_local-patches/apparmor-adjust-tor-profile.diff
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* Refresh patch against Tor's AppArmor profile to apply on top of
* Restore AppArmor confinement of Tor by renaming the AppArmor profile.intrigeri2015-11-101-3/+11
* AppArmor: take into account aufs whiteouts in the system_tor profile.intrigeri2015-06-051-2/+2
* apparmor-adjust-tor-profile.diff: simplify and de-duplicate rules, since we n...intrigeri2015-06-041-13/+8
* AppArmor: add rules to the system_tor profile, that are needed for bridges su...Tails developers2014-10-081-2/+6
* Patch the Tor AppArmor profile to make it work on a Live system.Tails developers2014-09-171-0/+14