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authorintrigeri <>2017-06-23 10:20:34 +0000
committerintrigeri <>2017-06-23 10:20:34 +0000
commit04cd397420f49ec34518659c686ebc1af8b87525 (patch)
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Use the Removable UDisks2 property instead of the MediaRemovable one (refs: #12696).bugfix/12696-too-strict-removable-check
Since we started filtering based on MediaRemovable (#10731), we have been rejecting tons of perfectly valid devices. This seems much worse than the problems #10731 was about, so we're essentially reverting to what we did before the branch for #10731 was merged, except we do filter on the Removable UDisks2 property (which we didn't do before): it should not harm and allows us to keep the corresponding bits of code and phrasing, that should ease future work on
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diff --git a/tails_installer/ b/tails_installer/
index 95a4102..164bb48 100755
--- a/tails_installer/
+++ b/tails_installer/
@@ -608,7 +608,7 @@ class LinuxTailsInstallerCreator(TailsInstallerCreator):
'size': drive.props.size,
'mounted_partitions': set(),
'is_device_big_enough': True,
- 'removable': drive.props.media_removable,
+ 'removable': drive.props.removable,
# Check non-removable drives