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* Have the pot Makefile target copy the updated POT file to the one imported in...Tails developers2013-02-141-0/+1
* Add unified launcher.Tails developers2012-03-091-0/+1
* Allow branding of UI through liveusb.branding dictTails developers2011-07-081-1/+1
* Merge the two .ui files into a single oneTails developers2011-07-081-2/+1
* Properly integrate Qt4 .ui files and gettextTails developers2011-07-081-2/+2
* Add a 'make everything' target for things I do alot'Luke Macken2010-03-061-0/+9
* Add a 'docs' Makefile targetLuke Macken2008-11-121-0/+3
* Clean up moreLuke Macken2008-09-251-0/+1
* Update our 'mo' Makefile targetLuke Macken2008-09-251-0/+2
* Add an 'rpm' Makefile targetLuke Macken2008-09-251-0/+5
* Add a 'mo' and 'clean' Makefile targetsLuke Macken2008-09-251-1/+9
* Add a bunch of Makefile targets (dist, srpm, pyflakes, pylint, pot)Luke Macken2008-09-231-0/+17
* Add a LiveUSBInterface class to the liveusb module.Luke Macken2008-09-031-0/+5