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* tails-persistence-setup 2.2.1HEAD2.2.1masterintrigeri2019-10-211-2/+2
* Update POT and PO files, pull updated translations from Transifex.intrigeri2019-10-2152-87/+106
* Remove unimplemented test that makes no sense.intrigeri2019-10-131-5/+0
* Remove unimplemented test that's about a file format which was obsoleted in 2...intrigeri2019-10-131-5/+0
* tails-persistence-setup
* Enable new translation: Macedonian.intrigeri2019-10-101-0/+1
* Update POT and PO files, pull updated translations from Transifex.intrigeri2019-10-1052-1013/+1596
* Update POT file.intrigeri2019-10-071-20/+24
* When saving persistence.conf or its backup, also run sync(1) on its parent di...bugfix/15102-have-a-show-passphrase-option-when-creating-persistenceintrigeri2019-10-071-0/+2
* Fix Show Passphrase box orientation propertytouss2019-10-071-1/+1
* Split long line (#15102)intrigeri2019-10-031-1/+3
* Make new "Show Passphrase" label translatable (#15102)intrigeri2019-10-031-1/+3
* Give variable a more expressive name (#15102)intrigeri2019-10-031-3/+3
* Make indentation consistent (#15102)intrigeri2019-10-031-4/+4
* DRY code (#15102)intrigeri2019-10-031-2/+3
* Fix typo.intrigeri2019-10-031-1/+1
* Fix code style inconsistencies (#15102)intrigeri2019-10-031-4/+3
* Revert erroneous file permissions change.intrigeri2019-10-031-0/+0
* Hide "show passphrases" option when go button is pressedtouss2019-10-011-7/+8
* set verify passphrase entry according to selected visibility.touss2019-09-281-0/+1
* Add "Show passphrase" option when creating persistencetouss2019-09-271-0/+22
* Update POT and PO files, pull updated translations from Transifex.intrigeri2019-09-1451-211/+201
* Mention USB images as a valid installation technique (Will-fix: #17025)bugfix/17025-tails-installer-error-messagesajolida2019-09-131-1/+1
* tails-persistence-setup
* Merge branch 'bugfix/16568-more-robust-backup' (Closes: #16461)user2019-04-281-0/+5
| * Make writing persistence.conf.bak more robustbugfix/16568-more-robust-backupintrigeri2019-04-261-0/+5
* tails-persistence-setup
* Update PO and POT files, import translations from Transifex.intrigeri2019-03-1752-1244/+1214
* Give persistence.conf.bak the same permissions as persistence.conf (refs: #16...bugfix/16461-lost-persistence-configintrigeri2019-02-151-0/+1
* Refactoring: extract backup config file path.intrigeri2019-02-151-1/+11
* Refactoring: simplify.intrigeri2019-02-151-6/+2
* Refactoring: extract common code to method.intrigeri2019-02-151-2/+12
* Don't backup an empty persistence.conf (refs: #16461)intrigeri2019-02-151-1/+3
* Backup non-empty version of persistence.conf (refs: #16461)intrigeri2019-02-151-0/+7
* Drop variable used only once.intrigeri2019-02-121-2/+1
* Add comments.intrigeri2019-02-121-0/+3
* Synchronize cached persistence.conf to persistence storage after saving (refs...intrigeri2019-02-121-0/+1
* Backup persistence.conf before writing to it (refs: #10976).intrigeri2019-02-121-0/+1
* Ensure changes made to persistence.conf outside of t-p-s are written synchron...intrigeri2019-02-121-0/+2
* Use a safer method to write to persistence.conf (refs: #10976).intrigeri2019-02-121-4/+1
* Don't "touch" persistence.conf if it already exists (refs: #10976).intrigeri2019-02-121-1/+1
* Stop making all warnings fatal.intrigeri2019-02-123-3/+0
* tails-persistence-setup
* Import PO files from Transifex, update POT and PO files.anonym2019-01-1623-465/+973
* tails-persistence-setup
* Update translations from Transifex, enable two new ones: bn and ka.intrigeri2018-11-0152-1209/+1708
* Merge branch 'bugfix/15894-full-screen-tps' (Closes: #15894)intrigeri2018-11-011-0/+1
| * Bootstrap step: don't let the label become too wide, otherwise the window is ...bugfix/15894-full-screen-tpsintrigeri2018-09-181-0/+1
* | [fr] update translationxin2018-10-181-29/+20
* tails-persistent-setup