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authorbertagaz <>2015-11-03 16:23:23 +0100
committerbertagaz <>2015-11-03 16:23:23 +0100
commit0f80edff71ed46b5ae6f89f2d61df11d9c9fbcbd (patch)
parent6c66c9bf476e747b6e7e38d0076a285d8adc7487 (diff)
Revert "Don't run the whole test suite for branches that don't contain the right"bugfix/10409-reintroduce-old-iso-logic
Branch for ticket #6094 is now merged in every of our active branches, so we can activate the full test suite run for all of them back again! This reverts commit 638798d69346619c9da0cc206a3d4b9f7a9e4ff0.
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diff --git a/files/jenkins/slaves/isotesters/wrap_test_suite b/files/jenkins/slaves/isotesters/wrap_test_suite
index 3c886fb..a72e525 100644
--- a/files/jenkins/slaves/isotesters/wrap_test_suite
+++ b/files/jenkins/slaves/isotesters/wrap_test_suite
@@ -51,21 +51,6 @@ esac
cp -a /etc/TailsToaster/* "${WORKSPACE}/features/config/"
-if ! git merge-base --is-ancestor "${TAO_COMMIT}" HEAD; then
- rm features/*.feature
- cat <<EOF > features/step_definitions/tao.rb
-Given /^I do nothing$/ do ; end
-Then /^there is nothing left undone$/ do one_with_tao = true end
- cat <<EOF > features/tao.feature
-Feature: Tao
-Scenario: Become one with the Tao through Wu wei
- Given I do nothing
- Then there is nothing left undone
as_root_do ./run_test_suite \
--old-iso "${PREVIOUS_ISO}" \
--iso "${UPSTREAMJOB_ISO}" \