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* Simplify the remove_sikuli_vlog_files script.bugfix/10467-remove-sikuli-leftoversbertagaz2015-11-051-7/+1
* Add a cronjob to remove files Sikuli leave sometimes.bertagaz2015-11-042-0/+34
* Merge branch 'bugfix/10409-reintroduce-old-iso-logic'bertagaz2015-11-041-27/+10
| * Revert "Don't run the whole test suite for branches that don't contain the ri...bugfix/10409-reintroduce-old-iso-logicbertagaz2015-11-031-15/+0
| * Revert "Temporary removal of the old_iso logic for release branches."bertagaz2015-11-031-12/+10
* | Merge branch 'feature/10445-pass-artifacts-base-url-to-jenkins'bertagaz2015-11-041-1/+5
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Use the --artifacts-base-uri option of the test suite in Jenkins.feature/10445-pass-artifacts-base-url-to-jenkinsbertagaz2015-11-031-1/+5
* Don't duplicate "logs/" in the logs path.intrigeri2015-10-314-25/+25
* Also mirror the stretch suites from deb.tpo and security.d.o, for consistency.intrigeri2015-10-304-0/+39
* Log all changes to mirrored distributions.intrigeri2015-10-304-0/+23
* Set timezone to UTC on all team-admin'd systems.intrigeri2015-10-301-0/+2
* Use the system timezone for generating the serial number of the snapshots.intrigeri2015-10-301-2/+5
* Fix per-repo lock file used by cronjob.intrigeri2015-10-281-1/+1
* Add reprepro configuration for the deb.tails.b.o snapshots.intrigeri2015-10-283-0/+53
* Adjust tails::reprepro::snapshots::time_based::cronjob to match repositories ...intrigeri2015-10-282-1/+7
* Move repositories to a dedicated directory.intrigeri2015-10-283-5/+13
* Avoid double class definition when setting up multiple kinds of snapshots on ...intrigeri2015-10-281-2/+4
* Support an 'ensure' parameter in tails::git_annex.intrigeri2015-10-281-1/+3
* Linting.intrigeri2015-10-283-9/+9
* Linting.intrigeri2015-10-286-22/+27
* Remove obsolete comment.intrigeri2015-10-281-1/+0
* Support an $ensure parameter the best we currently can.intrigeri2015-10-285-20/+74
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'kibi/master'intrigeri2015-10-281-9/+15
| * Iterate on all suites.Cyril Brulebois2015-10-281-3/+3
| * Define $target_conf and make sure it exists.Cyril Brulebois2015-10-281-4/+8
| * Implement support for suites named foo/bar.Cyril Brulebois2015-10-281-2/+4
* | Stricter permissions.intrigeri2015-10-281-1/+1
* | Disable source packages handling for now: we don't have enough disk space.intrigeri2015-10-281-2/+8
* | TODO++intrigeri2015-10-282-1/+3
* | Fix typo.intrigeri2015-10-281-1/+1
* | Convert class to defined resource: we want to use it >1 times.intrigeri2015-10-283-3/+3
* Initial setup of underlying infra + code to generate tagged snapshots of APT ...intrigeri2015-10-281-0/+41
* Rename script to better express its purpose.intrigeri2015-10-281-0/+0
* Move architectures parameter back.intrigeri2015-10-282-3/+1
* Import initial version of script that turns a build manifest + full time-base...intrigeri2015-10-281-0/+185
* Clarify description.intrigeri2015-10-281-1/+1
* Linting.intrigeri2015-10-281-20/+20
* Use more explicit namespacing for the snapshot resources.intrigeri2015-10-2815-23/+23
* Use a base class in addition to a pure params one, move resources in there.intrigeri2015-10-283-42/+62
* Rename variable for clarity's sake.intrigeri2015-10-281-13/+13
* Factor out a few params default values I need to reuse elsewhere.intrigeri2015-10-282-10/+15
* Make it so the updates are scheduled in the same order as their serial.intrigeri2015-10-281-1/+1
* Don't update all APT mirrors at the same time.intrigeri2015-10-283-1/+12
* Try to workaround the crazy layout of the Debian security archive.intrigeri2015-10-282-6/+8
* Fix component for Debian security updates.intrigeri2015-10-281-2/+2
* Fix suite name in reprepro's config.intrigeri2015-10-281-2/+2
* Add reprepro config for time-based snapshots of the Debian security archive.intrigeri2015-10-282-0/+34
* Accept signatures made by subkeys.intrigeri2015-10-281-4/+4
* Manage upstream OpenPGP pubkeys used by reprepro in VerifyRelease.intrigeri2015-10-284-2/+289
* Update the pubkey of our custom APT repo.intrigeri2015-10-281-3/+20