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* Give kibi access to our custom APT repo.intrigeri2018-10-221-0/+1
* Give segfault access to our custom APT repo (refs: #15975).intrigeri2018-09-251-0/+1
* Fix subscribe with refreshonly for dirmngr shutdown for custom reprepro parci...bertagaz2018-09-121-3/+4
* Use a onion keyserver for reprepro's parcimonie.bertagaz2018-09-111-1/+23
* converting to sudoers.d file deployment to sudo::conf (#15509)groente2018-05-021-4/+1
* Use more appropriate data types than strings.intrigeri2018-04-091-12/+12
* Use more appropriate data types than strings.intrigeri2018-04-093-3/+3
* Use more appropriate data types than strings.intrigeri2018-04-093-21/+23
* Fix syntax error.intrigeri2018-04-091-1/+1
* Use data types for validating more class & defined resources parameters.intrigeri2018-04-0914-153/+80
* Compatibility with future parser.intrigeri2018-04-041-8/+8
* Compatibility with future parser.intrigeri2018-04-041-2/+2
* Compatibility with future parser.intrigeri2018-04-041-4/+4
* Compatibility with future parser.intrigeri2018-04-041-2/+2
* Compatibility with future parser.intrigeri2018-04-041-4/+4
* Compatibility with future parser.intrigeri2018-04-041-1/+1
* Fix typo.intrigeri2018-04-041-1/+1
* Quote values used as strings.intrigeri2018-04-043-3/+3
* Lint.intrigeri2018-01-223-4/+4
* Switch all nginx autoindex to fancyindex, for consistency (refs: #6782)intrigeri2018-01-223-3/+9
* Lint.intrigeri2018-01-091-1/+1
* Time-based APT snapshots: spread each batch of updates over 1 hour instead of...intrigeri2017-11-073-6/+17
* tails::reprepro::custom: add an email_recipient parameter and use it consiste...intrigeri2017-10-081-12/+14
* APT snapshots: drop the i386 architecture (refs: #12605).intrigeri2017-09-291-6/+6
* Replace all usage of private() with assert_private().intrigeri2017-09-166-6/+6
* Merge branch 'bugfix/13526-cleanup-apt-snapshots-tmpdir'Debian Live user2017-09-111-0/+10
| * A more specific filename for the tmpfiles.d configfile (refs: #13579)bugfix/13526-cleanup-apt-snapshots-tmpdirgroente2017-09-081-1/+1
| * replaced cronjob with tmpfiles.d configuration (refs: #13579)groente2017-09-081-6/+6
| * adding a cronjob to clean up the time-based apt-snapshots tmp dir (refs: #13579)groente2017-09-081-0/+10
* | APT time-based snapshots: stop tracking Jessie (refs: #11912).intrigeri2017-08-121-1/+0
* APT tagged snapshots de-duplication: keep the oldest copy (refs: #11830).intrigeri2017-07-291-1/+1
* Time-based APT snapshots: add support for Buster, and take into account that ...intrigeri2017-07-251-0/+1
* Lint.bertagaz2017-06-281-3/+3
* Fix sender and recipient for reprepro incoming changes notifications.bertagaz2017-06-281-2/+2
* Add manifest to deploy the reprepro-notify-incoming-changes service.bertagaz2017-06-272-0/+76
* Add uploader.intrigeri2017-03-151-1/+2
* Appease puppet-lint.intrigeri2017-02-183-4/+4
* Lint.intrigeri2017-02-181-1/+1
* Lint.intrigeri2017-02-181-9/+27
* Document class.intrigeri2017-02-181-0/+1
* tails::reprepro::custom, tails::reprepro::reverse_proxy: add support for also...intrigeri2017-01-082-4/+8
* Make tagged snapshots de-duplication quiet on success.intrigeri2016-10-261-1/+1
* Add HTTPS support to our APT repositories, using Let's Encrypt (refs: #8192).intrigeri2016-10-141-1/+6
* De-duplicate tagged APT snapshots daily with hardlinks.intrigeri2016-10-011-0/+11
* Don't use XXX when there's no problem.intrigeri2016-07-151-1/+1
* Factorize email recipient handling.intrigeri2016-05-242-2/+2
* tails::reprepro::snapshots::tagged: set up an email alias, for consistency wi...intrigeri2016-05-231-6/+14
* tails::reprepro::snapshots::time_based: import email alias into the class.intrigeri2016-05-231-1/+9
* Make quoting style for packages name consistent accross tails::reprepro::snap...intrigeri2016-05-231-6/+6
* Convey default params value in a way that doesn't introduce a chicken'n'egg i...intrigeri2016-05-233-13/+12