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@@ -68,6 +68,21 @@ The Tails Foundations Team is responsible for:
top-priority, such as fixing Holes in the Roof, important bugs, or
implementing a feature that is needed to keep Tails relevant.
+* Maintain Tails relevant Debian packages in Debian
+ - as long as we ship these packages in Tails
+ - until the EOL of the last Debian stable release (including
+ LTS) we put it in, even if we drop the package from Tails:
+ including a package in a stable Debian release implies
+ a commitment to maintain it during its lifetime.
+ - [Maintain a bunch of
+ packages](
+ - [Review and sponsor a few more
+ packages](
+ - Track bugs related to these packages in Tails and forward them to
+ Debian.
+ - Track Debian bugs and forward them upstream.
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