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Custom APT repo: drop obsolete instruction (refs: #16576).
The version of reprepro we currently run does not choke on .buildinfo files. The only remaining issue is that reprepro leaves these files in the "incoming" directory after successfully importing a package, but that should be dealt with elsewhere (e.g. on the infra side) — if at all — instead of requiring everyone who uploads a package to do some extra work.
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@@ -172,10 +172,6 @@ Carefully check the `.changes` file (especially the `Distribution`
control field, and the included files list; the former can be fixed
with the `changestool(1)` command, from [[!debpkg reprepro]]).
-Remove all `buildinfo` lines from the `.changes` file.
-XXX: still needed? We now run reprepro from Stretch, that supports
-both in theory.
If the `.orig.tar.{gz,bz2,xz}` tarball is present neither in the
`.changes` file nor in our custom APT repository, add it using: