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-[[!meta title="Maintain our packages in Debian"]]
-Tails not only relies on Debian, but on some specific Debian packages which
-need to be kept up-to-date.
-The person maintaining our packages in Debian is also responsible for tracking
-Debian bugs and forwarding them upstream. This also holds true for tracking
-bugs related to these packages in Tails and forwarding them to Debian.
-Each package listed below is in the scope of this role:
- - as long as we ship these packages in Tails
- - until the EOL of the last Debian stable release (including
- LTS) we put it in, even if we drop the package from Tails:
- including a package in a stable Debian release implies
- a commitment to maintain it during its lifetime.
-The maintainer of our Debian packages needs to take care of [a bunch of
-Review and sponsor
-Furthermore, the maintainer of our packages in Debian shall review and
-[a few more packages](
-Not in the scope of this mission
-These packages are not part of this mission:
-* [Debian AppArmor team]('s packages:
- maintained by members of that team
-* Perl libraries our custom software depends on: intrigeri does it
- with his Debian hat.
-* [[!debpts torbrowser-launcher]]: we only use its AppArmor profiles,
- that we could easily take from upstream if the Debian package was
- not maintained.
-* [Debian release schedule](
-* [Ubuntu release schedule](, generally
- in April and October