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Release process: document bulk-edits for Redmine (Closes: #16588)
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@@ -1316,8 +1316,15 @@ tracker. For a list of candidates, see:
* the "Fix committed" section on the *Release Manager View for ${VERSION:?}*
in Redmine.
+Select these issues with the checkboxes in the first column, then
+right click on the list to display the context menu, and finally
+change the _Status_ there. Relationships between tickets will likely
+prevent you from closing all these issues at once, but at least
+you can process them in several smaller batches instead of one by one.
Postpone to next release any remaining open issue for the version
-you've just released.
+you've just released. Use the right-click contextual menu to do so in
+one single batch.
Then, mark the just-released Redmine milestone as done: go to the
target version page, click *Edit*, and set *Status* to *Closed*.