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Test suite: replace workaround for bug that's been fixed with proper implementation (refs: #14596)
commit:d2a67e7f7bcafdd22186a91f3b076a01797d1107 added the workaround and documented the bug but no ticket was filed back then. Thankfully anonym's review highlighted this problem as a probable bug in the code, which turned out to be the case; finally, the bug (#16475) was fixed.
-rw-r--r--features/images/ASPDocumentationInstallCloning.pngbin4693 -> 0 bytes
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diff --git a/features/images/ASPDocumentationInstallCloning.png b/features/images/ASPDocumentationInstallCloning.png
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--- a/features/images/ASPDocumentationInstallCloning.png
+++ /dev/null
Binary files differ
diff --git a/features/step_definitions/additional_software_packages.rb b/features/step_definitions/additional_software_packages.rb
index c460304..e18a73d 100644
--- a/features/step_definitions/additional_software_packages.rb
+++ b/features/step_definitions/additional_software_packages.rb
@@ -117,12 +117,8 @@ end
Then /^I can open the Additional Software documentation from the notification$/ do
gnome_shell ='gnome-shell')
gnome_shell.child('Documentation', roleName: 'push button').click
- # For some reason the below two steps fail. Dogtail can not find the Firefox
- # application.
- #try_for(60) { @torbrowser ='Firefox') }
- #step '"Install from another Tails" has loaded in the Tor Browser'
- # So instead let's try to find the title of the page with Sikuli.
- @screen.wait('ASPDocumentationInstallCloning.png', 120)
+ try_for(60) { @torbrowser ='Firefox') }
+ step '"Install from another Tails" has loaded in the Tor Browser'
Then /^the Additional Software dpkg hook has been run for package "([^"]*)" and notices the persistence is locked$/ do |package|