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Test suite: clarify comment (refs: #14596)
- All snapshots used by this feature are temporary except "with-network-logged-in" and a couple other snapshots that almost all features use anyway. - It's not relevant whether a disk created by this feature can be reused: on the contrary, here we're trying to prioritize features that use large amounts of disk space _temporarily_. So let's not suggest the opposite. Besides, if the __internal disk is actually reused as-is by following features, we have a problem: every such feature would have Additional Software enabled. Hopefully this is not how our QCOW2 snapshots mechanism works (I did not check yet). - This mechanism is about disk usage in /tmp/TailsToaster, not about memory usage. The situation when a tmpfs is mounted on /tmp/TailsToaster is a particular case, rather than something we can assume to be the default here.
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diff --git a/features/support/hooks.rb b/features/support/hooks.rb
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@@ -25,8 +25,8 @@ AfterConfiguration do |config|
# excluding persistence) and will create yet another disk and
# install Tails on it. This should be the peak of disk usage.
- # This feature uses some snapshots and a disk that can be reused in
- # the later feature below and reduce memory footprint on the system.
+ # This feature uses a few temporary snapshots, a network-enabled
+ # snapshot, and a large disk.
# This feature needs a copy of the ISO and creates a new disk.