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Add some reports for SponsorS 2016 June.
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### B.3.11. Fix newly identified issues to make our test suite more robust and faster
+Anonym: review the proposed deadline for #10777
+We've identified the reason why sometimes our test suite is not
+able to add the necessary kernel command line options to the Tails
+system it tests. The fix is not that easy to implement, and solutions
+are being worked on. A patch is under test and we intend to fix this
+issue in July. [[!tails_ticket #10777]]
+We've investigated why our test suite sometimes fails because of time
+synchronisation errors. Auditing our [[htpdate
+script|contribute/design/Time_syncing]] showed that it may not have the
+best default for it to work correctly on sloppy network connections. A
+patch has been proposed and is being tested. [[!tails_ticket #10494]]
### B.3.12. Reliably wait for post-Greeter hooks
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### B.3.13. Reorganize the "various checks" feature
+A branch that spreads this feature scenarios in more relevant others has
+been proposed to review. It should be merged beginning of July.
+[[!tails_ticket #5707 ]]
### B.3.15. Write automated tests for features added in 2016Q2
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### B.3.14. Write tests for incremental upgrades ([[!tails_ticket #6309]])
+A branch testing the Tails incremental upgrades have been pushed and
+proposed to review. Issues with it were raised and a fix promptly
+pushed. It's receiving the last round of review and will likely be
+merged beginning of July.
## B.4. Freezable APT repository