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## A.1.1. Secure the Icedove autoconfig wizard
-XXX: maybe mention the follow-up work that happened in this area (I'm
-thinking of [[!tails_ticket 11550]]) even though this deliverable was
-completed last month?
+Despite having thouroughly tested our work on reenabling the autoconfiguration
+wizard in Icedove, we received reports, that in some cases where the ISP uses OAuth,
+as for example Gmail, people were unable to set up an email account. One of these issues has been resolved and will be available in the next Tails release. ( [[!tails_ticket 11550]]), another one has been identified and is being worked on ([[!tails_ticket 11536]]).
## A.1.2. Make our improvements maintainable for future versions of Icedove