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### B.3.10. Write automated tests for features added in 2016Q1
+* #10340 - Automatically test the Greeter's Disable All Networking option.
### B.3.11. Fix newly identified issues to make our test suite more robust and faster
-Anonym: review the proposed deadline for #10777
We've identified the reason why sometimes our test suite is not
able to add the necessary kernel command line options to the Tails
system it tests. The fix is not that easy to implement, and solutions
@@ -92,9 +90,9 @@ XXX
### B.3.13. Reorganize the "various checks" feature
-A branch that spreads this feature scenarios in more relevant others has
-been proposed to review. It should be merged beginning of July.
-[[!tails_ticket #5707 ]]
+A branch that split this feature's scenarios into more relevant
+thematic features has been proposed for review. It should be merged
+beginning of July. [[!tails_ticket 5707]]
### B.3.15. Write automated tests for features added in 2016Q2