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SponsorS report: draft B.4.
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## B.4. Freezable APT repository
-- B.4.3. Centralize and merge the list of needed packages
+The system has been working fine in production for a while now, and as
+reported last month all parts of this deliverable have now been completed.
- XXX: intrigeri
+In June, we have polished a bit the design documentation for the
+entire setup ([[!tails_ticket 11447]]).
-- B.4.5. Implement processes and tools for importing and freezing those packages ([[!tails_ticket 6299]], [[!tails_ticket 6296]])
+And, in July we want to do various polishing tasks:
- XXX: intrigeri
+* If needed, write helper tools for freeze exceptions
+ ([[!tails_ticket 11448]]).
+* Investigate a weird issue we have identified, when a package is
+ not removed from our time-based APT snapshots, while it should be
+ ([[!tails_ticket 11496]]).
+* Deal with the consequences that our new APT snapshots system has
+ on our server's `apt-cacher-ng` cache size ([[!tails_ticket 11532]]).
# C. Scale our infrastructure