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First draft of a Tails-UX roadmap
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+Design by design
+Tails is designed to be an easy-to-use Live operating system as well as a toolkit for privacy and anonymity for the masses.
+We organized several workshops at NUMA to improve the usability of Tails. We realized that it is hard for people who are not tech-savvy and/or new to Tails:
+- to understand what Tails is;
+- to install Tails;
+- to boot Tails.
+We want to improve this situation.
+First-time visitors on the Tails website should be able to enjoy a consistent experience, from understanding if Tails is the right tool for them, to achieving their actual goals by using it.
+From the inside, to the outside
+We want to go from the inside to the outside, from the skeleton to the surface. E.g. having a rocking website _first_ might lead potential users to think that Tails is easy enough for them, while it is not the case yet, which could be problematic in some cases.
+This is why, hereafter you will find a description of the logical order of steps. Of course, we can still work simultaniously on all of these steps, *but* it is useful to keep the whole roadmap in mind along the way.
+1. Inside
+- Greeter revamp (High) [[!tails_ticket 5464]]
+- Network connection feedback [[!tails_ticket 7437]]
+- MAT
+2. Installation
+1. Refactor the installation documentation and add visual aids (installation screencast etc.)
+2. Automatic ISO verification [[!tails_ticket 7552]]
+3. Multiplatform installer [[!tails_ticket 7544]]
+3. Website
+- Re-define the goals of the website and maybe split it in differents sections [[!tails_ticket 7627]]
+- work on accessibility
+4. Outreach
+- Promote Tails outside of the website, regarding the differents people and use cases where Tails could be usefull.