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+[[!meta title="Call for testing: 2.0~rc1"]]
+[[!meta date="2016-01-12 17:00:00"]]
+[[!tag announce]]
+You can help Tails! The first release candidate for the upcoming
+version 2.0 is out. We are very excited and cannot wait to hear what
+you think about it :)
+[[!toc levels=1]]
+# What's new in 2.0?
+Tails 2.0 will be the first version of Tails based on DebianĀ 8
+(Jessie). As such, it upgrades essentially all included software.
+The most noticeable change is probably the move to GNOME Shell,
+configured in *Classic mode*. This desktop environment provides a modern
+and actively developed replacement for the aging GNOME "Flashback".
+GNOME Shell also paves the way for better supporting touchscreens in
+the future.
+Under the hood, an amazing amount of code was ported to more modern
+technologies. This, in turn, allowed us to do lots of small changes
+all around the place, that will make the Tails experience both
+safer, and more pleasant. For example, all custom system services
+are harder to exploit thanks to the use of Linux namespaces, set up by
+systemd. And the way Tails tells the user that "Tor is ready" is now
+more accurate.
+But really, there are simply too many changes to describe them all
+here, so just try Tails 2.0~rc1 yourself!
+Technical details of all the changes are listed in the
+There is one piece of bad news, that makes us a bit sad, though: we
+had to remove the Windows camouflage feature, since our call for help
+to port it to GNOME Shell (issued in January, 2015) was unsuccessful.
+# What's new since Tails 2.0~beta1?
+## New features
+ - Make GNOME Disks' passphrase strength checking new feature work
+## Upgrades and changes
+* Remove Claws Mail: Icedove is now the default email client.
+* Upgrade Tor Browser to 5.5a6.
+* Install xserver-xorg-video-intel from Jessie Backports (currently:
+ 2.99.917-2~bpo8+1). This adds support for recent chips such as
+ Intel Broadwell's HD Graphics.
+## Fixed problems
+ - Don't offer the option, in Tor Browser, to open a downloaded file with
+ an external application (Closes: #9285). Our AppArmor confinement was
+ blocking most such actions anyway, resulting in poor UX
+ - Fix performance issue in Tails Upgrader, that made it very slow to apply
+ an automatic upgrade.
+ - Fix Electrum by installing the version from Debian Testing
+ - Restore default file associations
+ - Repair dotfiles persistence feature
+ - Fix ability to re-configure an existing persistent volume using
+ the GUI
+ - Associate armored OpenPGP public keys named *.key with Seahorse
+ - Update the list of enabled GNOME Shell extensions, which might fix
+ the "GNOME Shell sometimes leaves Classic mode" bug seen in 2.0~beta1:
+# How to test Tails 2.0~rc1?
+1. **Keep in mind that this is a test image.** We have ensured
+ that it is not broken in any obvious way, but it might still contain
+ undiscovered issues.
+2. Either try the <a href="#automatic_upgrade">automatic upgrade</a>
+ even though it is <a href="#known_issues">very slow</a>,
+ or download the ISO image and its signature:
+ <a class="download-file" href="" >Tails 2.0~rc1 ISO image</a>
+ <a class="download-signature"
+ href="">Tails 2.0~rc1 signature</a>
+ Note that there is no automatic upgrade applicable to this release.
+1. [[Verify the ISO image|download#verify]].
+1. Have a look at the list of <a href="#known_issues">known issues of
+ this release</a> and the list of
+ [[longstanding known issues|support/known_issues]].
+1. Test wildly!
+If you find anything that is not working as it should, please report to
+us on <>.
+Bonus points if you first check if it is a
+<a href="#known_issues">known issue of this release</a> or a
+[[longstanding known issue|support/known_issues]].
+<a id="known_issues"></a>
+Known issues in 2.0~rc1
+* The documentation was not adjusted yet.
+* Tor Browser does not support MPEG-4 video streaming in Tails 2.0 and
+ newer. Instead, in some cases you can download them and play them
+ with the video player included in Tails. On the other hand, web
+ sites that propose WebM video streaming work fine.
+* Sometimes, some of the icons located on the top right corner of the
+ screen are not displayed entirely, or at all. For example, the Vidalia
+ icon, or the icon that allows to change to another keyboard layout,
+ may be hidden. Other information, such as the clock, may not
+ be visible. Restarting Tails often solves this problem.
+* Network interfaces sometimes remain turned off ([[!tails_ticket 9012]]).
+ If this happens to you, please [[report the error|doc/first_steps/bug_reporting]]
+ so we can get enough debugging information to fix it.
+* Graphics display operations are slow on computers with graphics
+ adapters of the NVidia [[!wikipedia GeForce 900 series]], such as the
+ GeForce GTX 960.
+* [[Longstanding known issues|support/known_issues]]