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Draft "Performance improvements on Jenkins".
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- Performance improvements on Jenkins
- XXX: intrigeri (platform optimization: [[!tails_ticket 11175]],
- [[!tails_ticket 11113]])
+ We figured we could probably get some nice test suite performance
+ improvements, on our Jenkins environment, by optimizing the platform
+ itself.
+ After an initial round of benchmarking conducted in January, our
+ next action was to give our server more RAM in order to give us more
+ flexibility to evaluate different configuration options. This was
+ done in February, and then we went through a few optimization
+ cycles, identifying bottlenecks and addressing them until we were
+ satisfied ([[!tails_ticket 11175]], [[!tails_ticket 11113]],
+ <>).
+ As a result, we have improved our test suite runs throughput, in the
+ worst case scenario, from 3.3 to 8 runs per hour. This gives us room
+ to run more automated tests in that environment, and also shortens
+ the feedback loop for developers, since congestion is now less
+ likely to happen. We will keep an eye on metrics to confirm, in one
+ or two months, that real workloads indeed benefit from
+ these changes.
## B.4. Freezable APT repository