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We don't support Jessie anymore.
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The `master` branch must always be the one that targets current Tails
and possibly *also* earlier Debian releases. At the moment it supports
-Debian Jessie, Stretch, Buster and Sid.
+Debian Stretch, Buster and Sid.
But that's not enough, since we also need to put releases out with code
that works on current Debian testing/unstable. Thus, we maintain several upstream
release branches in parallel, each with their own major version number:
- * for work and releases that target Jessie and Stretch (and, as long
+ * for work and releases that target Stretch (and, as long
as compatible, that target Debian testing/unstable as well):
* branch = `master`
* version = `5.*`
* tag = `tails-installer_5.*`
-Once we can't support both Jessie, Stretch and Debian testing/unstable
+Once we can't support both Stretch and Debian testing/unstable
with the same codebase anymore, we'll fork a new upstream release
branch that targets Debian testing, it'll be called
`feature/$codename`, use version `6.*`, etc.