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@@ -278,10 +278,11 @@ string and file updates, removals, renames, or additions. This is
handled by another script:
-We are not the only process touching the Weblate repository, as Weblate itself
-creating commits and updating the master branch That's why the script is using
-an own Git remote named `cron` to keep track of which commits need to look at
-for Weblate component changes. This remote name is set in the
+Besides our scripts that modify the Weblate repository, Weblate itself
+keeps creating commits and updates the master branch. That's why the
+script is using an own Git remote named `cron` to keep track of which
+commits need to be looked at for Weblate component changes. This remote
+name is set in
and used in the cronjob `
--remoteBranch=cron/master [...]`.