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authorintrigeri <>2019-01-09 16:29:41 +0000
committerintrigeri <>2019-01-09 16:29:41 +0000
commit3ab1c609d47075bb55632152d953164fb8d32ebc (patch)
parent4d3b1395bbbfaff218f676a387d83951ae3fab8d (diff)
Disable live-tools.service (Closes: #16324)
This service is only useful to display the "Please remove the live-medium, close the tray (if any) and press ENTER to continue:" prompt on shutdown, that we don't want to display in Tails: shutdown and memory erasure should not require a confirmation once the user has triggered it. In Stretch this code was broken and we were relying on this. But the Buster upgrade of this code has repaired it, so I sometimes see that prompt. This might also explain some issues such as #16312.
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diff --git a/config/chroot_local-hooks/52-update-rc.d b/config/chroot_local-hooks/52-update-rc.d
index 02aeb60..756f49c 100755
--- a/config/chroot_local-hooks/52-update-rc.d
+++ b/config/chroot_local-hooks/52-update-rc.d
@@ -66,3 +66,6 @@ systemctl mask apt-daily.timer
# Do not let pppd-dns manage /etc/resolv.conf
systemctl mask pppd-dns.service
+# Conflicts with our custom shutdown procedure
+systemctl mask live-tools.service