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investigating the state of Cucumber's world and the VM guest to see
exactly why a test failed. Defaults to `false`.
+* `IMAGE_BUMPING_MODE`: Boolean value. If set to `true`, the image
+ matching done through the Screen class will be modified as follows:
+ failures to find a match are intercepted so that you get a second
+ chance to update the image, find it again, and continue running
+ without having to abort. This is extremely useful when lots of
+ images require updating at the same time (e.g. if the font we use
+ changes) since all of the can be updated in a single, interactive
+ run. There's also an automatic mode that tries to update image for
+ you (and display the match in a pop-up, so you can confirm) but
+ YMMV. Defaults to `false`.
* `TMPDIR`: String value. Directory where various temporary files
are written during a test, e.g. VM snapshots and memory dumps,
failure screenshots, pcap files and disk images. Defaults to