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Document pluggable transports local configuration format.
Also move the previous exmaple we threw in an exception into the docs, and instead point to them.
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@@ -335,13 +335,7 @@ When /^I configure some (\w+) pluggable transports in Tor Launcher$/ do |bridge_
rescue NoMethodError, AssertionFailedError
-It seems no #{bridge_type} pluggable transports are defined in your local configuration file (#{LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE}). Example entry:
- Transports:
- #{bridge_type}:
- - ipv4_address:
- ipv4_port: 443
- fingerprint: 01234567890abcdef01234567890abcdef012345
+It seems no '#{bridge_type}' pluggable transports are defined in your local configuration file (#{LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE}). See wiki/src/contribute/release_process/test/usage.mdwn for the format.
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[[!meta title="Running the automated test suite"]]
-[[!toc levels=1]]
+[[!toc levels=2]]
Basic usage
@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@ to be used in certain features, like host, port and credentials --
stuff we don't want to make public. These must be set explicitly in
order for those features to run.
+## Non-secret configuration
Here's a list of all non-secret key-value pairs that can be supported
by the local configuration file:
@@ -75,3 +77,38 @@ by the local configuration file:
are written during a test, e.g. VM snapshots and memory dumps,
failure screenshots, pcap files and disk images. Defaults to
+## "Secret" configuration
+This section describes the formats for all secret configurations that
+must be configured in the local configuration file for certain
+features or scenarios to work. If any of these are omitted, parts of
+the test suite will fail.
+### Tor pluggable transports
+The format is:
+ Tor:
+ Transports:
+ $TYPE:
+ - ipv4_address: ""
+ ipv4_port: 443
+ fingerprint: "01234567890abcdef01234567890abcdef012345"
+ extra:
+ - ipv4_address: ""
+ [...]
+ - ipv4_address: ""
+ [...]
+where the type `$TYPE` (and `$ANOTHER_TYPE`) should be something like
+`obfs4` or `bridge` (the first type) or whatever Tor calls them. Both
+`fingerprint` and `extra` are optional and can be left empty (or
+skipped completely), but e.g. `extra` is necessary for `obfs4` type
+bridges, for the `cert=... iat-mode=...` stuff, and the same for
+`scramblesuite`'s `password=...`.
+This setting is required for `tor_bridges.feature` (requires types
+`bridge`, `obfs2`, `obfs3` and `obfs4`) and `time_syncing.feature`
+(requires type `bridge` only).