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without taking the manual steps listed below each time you start
-Due to [a mistake in Mozilla's signing
-all Firefox and Tor Browser add-ons are currently disabled, which
-disables important protections (the NoScript add-on) for Tails users.
-To secure your Tor Browser you must follow these steps each time you
-start Tails 3.13.1:
- 1. Open the address `about:config` in the Tor Browser address bar
- 2. Click the "I accept the risk!" button
- 3. At the top of the page, search for
- `xpinstall.signatures.required`
- 4. Set the `xpinstall.signatures.required` entry to **false** by
- double clicking it
-To the right of the address bar an icon with a blue S (and possibly a
-red question mark or other variations) should appear, and this
-indicates that your browser is safe again.
+Starting from Friday May 3, a problem in *Firefox* and *Tor Browser*
+disabled all add-ons, especially *NoScript* which is used to:
+- Most importantly, protect against a very strong fingerprinting
+ technique called *HTML5 canvas fingerprinting* which can break your
+ anonymity.
+ Using HTML5 canvas fingerprinting, 2 or more collaborating websites
+ can compare how graphics and text are displayed by your computer and
+ determine whether 2 website visits are coming from the same computer
+ or not.
+- Strengthen *Tor Browser* against some JavaScript attacks that can lead
+ to compromised accounts and credentials on websites.
+- Enable or disable JavaScript on some websites using the *NoScript*
+ interface, if you use it.
+If *NoScript* is activated, the *NoScript* icon appears in the top-left corner
+and *Tor Browser* is safe:
+[[!img news/version_3.13.2/with-noscript.png alt="" link="no"]]
+If *NoScript* is deactivated, the *NoScript* icon is absent from the top-left corner and *Tor Browser* is unsafe:
+[[!img news/version_3.13.2/without-noscript.png alt="" link="no"]]
+## Activate *NoScript* manually
+To secure *Tor Browser* in Tails 3.13.1 or earlier, you must activate
+*NoScript* every time you start Tails:
+1. Open the address <span class="command">about:config</span> in *Tor
+ Browser*.
+ [[!img news/version_3.13.2/about-config.png link="no"]]
+1. Click the **I accept the risk!** button.
+1. At the top of the page, search for
+ <span class="command">xpinstall.signatures.required</span>.
+1. Double-click on the **xpinstall.signatures.required** line in the
+ results to set its value to **false**.
+1. Verify that *NoScript* is activated again.
+ [[!img news/version_3.13.2/xpinstall-false.png link="no"]]