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Monthly meeting: remove past discussions.
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### Strategic planning
-We'll discuss "Containers/separated identities without rebooting [R, +1-1]".
+We'll discuss XXX
### Gather comments on our draft personas
-Chapter 2: [[Cris, the sensitive information gatherer|personas#cris]]
-From the work that we did at the last summit, we drafted skeletons of
-personas: a very basic description of what kind of users they are.
-We are still missing lots of:
-- Details, to bring them to life
-- Research, to make sure they represent real users accurately
-- Collective discussions, to decide how much effort we want to dedicate
- to make Tails work better for each of them
-But, still I wanted to gather some initial comments from all of you on
-the work that we already.
-We drafted four personas:
-- Kim, the surveilled at home
-- Cris, the sensitive information gatherer
-- Riou, the protest organizer
-- Derya, the privacy advocate
-Until in May, June, July, and August I'll propose you to comment of each
-of them, one each month.
-I'm interested in gathering as much feedback from you as possible, like
-in a brainstorming, but I want to refrain from discussing each comment.
-Comments I'm interested in:
-- Stuff you would add, change, or remove in each section of the
- skeleton.
- For example:
- « *I think that Kim is too scared to use the shared computer from his
- institution and instead he's rather borrowing from time to time the
- computer of a trusted friend.* »
-- External data or research that could feed this persona.
- For example:
- « *Here is an article recently about the repression of gay youth in
- Africa:* »
-- You raw subjectivity.
- For example:
- « *I won't be able to work with a persona named Kim because I have
- daily nightmares involving Kim Jong-un.* »
+Chapter 3?