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Release process: document a bit more how to delete the previous release + mention Bittorrent.
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@@ -1365,7 +1365,13 @@ XXX: adapt / fork for release candidates. In the meantime, read all
this, and skip what does not make sense for a RC.
1. If you just released a new stable release, remove the previous
- stable release on the mirrors.
+ stable release from:
+ - our rsync server:
+ `ssh rsync.lizard rm -rf /srv/rsync/tails/tails/stable/tails-amd64-${PREVIOUS_VERSION:?}/`
+ - our Bittorrent seed: get the previous release's _Transmission_ ID
+ with `ssh bittorrent.lizard transmission-remote --list` and then
+ delete it with
+ `ssh bittorrent.lizard transmission-remote -t "${PREVIOUS_VERSION_TRANSMISSION_ID:?}" --remove-and-delete`
1. Remove any remaining RC for the just-published release from
the mirrors.
1. Remove IUKs that are more than 6 months old from