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Hi, prospective Tails contributor! This document is intended to
quickly (in 20 minutes!) get you up to speed on how to write code for
-Tails by giving a brief overview the Tails source tree and Git branch
+Tails by giving a brief overview of the Tails source tree and Git branch
organization without referring to more detailed (and hence longer)
resources. As such it might not be enough for some specific things,
but it should cover 95% of use cases for aspiring code
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ you have something to contribute, please read our
new such branches should be based on `stable`.
* `testing`: After a freeze for a new major release (e.g. when we
- prepare release candidates), this is the branch were the continued
+ prepare release candidates), this is the branch where the continued
work for this release happens. At that point `devel` is used for the
*next* major release. Bugfixes on new features introduced in the
this upcoming Tails release should be based on this branch (as