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[[!meta title="Our achievements in 2019"]]
-[[!meta date="XXX, XXX Oct 2019 08:00:00 +0000"]]
+[[!meta date="Thu, 31 Oct 2019 12:34:56 +0000"]]
[[!pagetemplate template="news.tmpl"]]
[[!tag announce]]
@@ -8,18 +8,18 @@ campaign|news/2019-fundraiser]]. Today, we summarize what we achieved
with your help in 2019.
If you liked our work in 2019, please take a minute to
-donate and make us thrive in 2020!
+donate and make Tails thrive in 2020!
Easier adoption by new users
-We focused this year on fewer but critical features to make Tails easier to discover
+In 2019, we focused on fewer but critical features to make Tails easier to discover
and adopt for first time users.
- In January, we completely changed the Tails installation procedure.
- Tails is now downloaded as a *USB image*: a image of the data
- written to the USB stick.
+ Tails is now downloaded as a *USB image*: an exact copy of the data
+ as it is written to the USB stick.
This made the installation experience better for all operating
systems and particularly easier and much faster for less
@@ -41,17 +41,16 @@ As a consequence, more people than ever are using Tails:
- Tails is used nearly 25 000 times every day worldwide. That's 15% more than in August 2018.
-- The percentage of people using Tails on Mac increased by more than XXX
- since January 2018.
+- The percentage of people using Tails on Mac more than doubled
+ since January 2019.
To continue making Tails more accessible to users globally,
we built a [[translation platform|]] for our website.
Since then, people started translations in Arabic, Catalan,
Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Polish, Russian, Serbian, and Turkish.
-- XXX [[Bopomofo in 3.13|news/version_3.13/]]
-- XXX Curated Greeter if in 4.0?
+We also improved a lot the usability of *Tails Greeter* for non-English
+users in [[Tails 4.0|version_4.0#greeter]].
Maintenance work
@@ -67,19 +66,21 @@ use.
- In October, we released [[Tails 4.0|version_4.0]], which is the first version
of Tails based on Debian 10 (Buster).
- XXX: Summarize major improvements.
+ Tails 4.0 was our most important release in years. Tails 4.0 adds
+ KeePassXC, OnionShare 1.3.2, fixes Electrum, updates to Debian 10 and
+ GNOME 3.30, starts faster and uses less memory.
- We released 13 new versions of Tails to deliver improvements and
security fixes as soon as possible.
-- This year, we distributed more emergency releases than ever before:
+- We published more emergency releases than ever before:
5 emergency releases to fix 5 critical security vulnerabilities in
Firefox and Tor Browser and always keep Tails as secure as possible.
- We removed less popular software and localization packages, which you
can now install yourself using the [[Additional
Software|doc/first_steps/additional_software]] feature. Optimizations
- like these made the ISO image for Tails 4.0 XXX MB smaller than Tails 3.6, which
+ like these made the USB image of Tails 4.0 47 MB smaller than Tails 3.6, which
was the bigger release ever.
- Tails depends on a wider ecosystem of Free Software and privacy
@@ -87,15 +88,13 @@ use.
included in Tails or used on our infrastructure. Some of these projects, that we call
"upstream", are:
- - [Debian](
+ - [Thunderbird](
- [GNOME](
- - [ikiwiki](
- - [KeePassXC](
+ - [Debian](
- [OnionShare](
- - [Thunderbird](
+ - [KeePassXC](
- [torsocks](
- XXX: Complete or find better links :intrigeri:
+ - [ikiwiki](
- We had to temper several [[!wikipedia Denial-of-service_attack
desc="distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)"]] attacks targeting our
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@@ -96,6 +96,8 @@ upgrade as soon as possible.
You can install *Scribus* again using the
*[[Additional Software|doc/first_steps/additional_software]]* feature.
+<a id="greeter"></a>
## Usability improvements to *Tails Greeter*
We improved various aspects of the usability of *Tails Greeter*,