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Remove manual Thunderbird test that's been automated (refs: #15914)
The corresponding automated tests have the check_tor_leaks tag so a proxy and firewall bypass would be noticed.
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- a hidden service POP server (see above, on port 995 with SSL).
* Send an email using:
- a hidden service SMTP server (see above, on port 465 with SSL).
-* Check that the profile works and is torified:
- 1. Send an email using Thunderbird and a non-anonymizing SMTP relay (a
- SMTP relay that writes the IP address of the client it is
- relaying email for in the Received header).
- 1. Then check that email's headers once received, especially the
- `Received:` ones.
* Also check that the EHLO/HELO SMTP message is not leaking anything
at the application level:
1. Start Thunderbird using the GNOME Applications menu.