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Drop custom NetworkManager plugin configuration: these tweaks are not needed on Stretch anymore.wip/feature/stretch-no-dhclient
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Tails prevents dhclient from sending the hostname over the network.
-First, only the `keyfile` NetworkManager plugin is used; that is, the
-`ifupdown` plugin is disabled:
-* this is needed, because the only the `keyfile` plugin supports
- setting `dhcp-send-hostname` to false, while the `ifupdown` plugin
- retrieves the hostname to send from `/etc/hostname`;
-* this is OK, because we actually don't use the functionality provided
- by the `ifupdown` plugin (that is, reading from
- `/etc/network/interfaces` -- that only configures the loopback
- connection in Tails, which is itself ignored by NetworkManager
- anyway).
-Second, NetworkManager is configured to *not*
+NetworkManager is configured to *not*
send the hostname over DHCP by default, and the pre-existing wired
connection is configured this way. This can be overridden
on a per-connection basis if one really needs to change this.
-Third, dhclient is told to override any hostname provided by the DHCP
+dhclient is told to override any hostname provided by the DHCP
server with `amnesia`. This is meant to prevent dhclient hooks,
NetworkManager and others from setting the hostname to a value
controlled by the DHCP server.
* [[!tails_gitweb config/chroot_local-includes/etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/dhcp-hostname.conf]]
-* [[!tails_gitweb config/chroot_local-includes/etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/plugins.conf]]
### 3.6.24 TCP timestamps