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Only mark the single affected scenario as fragile.
This brings this branch back to the current stable branch's state, which makes sense.
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-#10720: Tails Installer freezes on Jenkins
-@product @check_tor_leaks @fragile
+@product @check_tor_leaks
Feature: Electrum Bitcoin client
As a Tails user
I might want to use a Bitcoin client
@@ -11,6 +10,8 @@ Feature: Electrum Bitcoin client
But persistence for "electrum" is not enabled
Then I see a warning that Electrum is not persistent
+ #10720: Tails Installer freezes on Jenkins
+ @fragile
Scenario: Using a persistent Electrum configuration
Given I have started Tails without network from a USB drive with a persistent partition enabled and logged in
And the network is plugged