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Embed some context in each section of the Greeter documentation
People might jump straight in there from either the Greeter itself or other parts of the website, so adding a sentence and a screenshot to give a bit of context can be useful.
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Language & region
+You can configure Tails depending on your language and location from *Tails
+[[!img locale.png link="no" alt="Language & Region section of Tails Greeter"]]
* The **Language** option allows you to change the main language of the
@@ -112,7 +117,9 @@ Additional settings
Tails is configured with care to be as safe as possible by default. But,
depending on your situation, you can change one of the following
-settings before starting Tails.
+settings from *Tails Greeter*.
+[[!img additional.png link="no" alt="Additional settings of Tails Greeter"]]
- Set an **Administration Password** to be able to perform
administrative tasks like installing additional software or accessing
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