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Add preliminary review of possible Polipo issues.
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+A bunch of anonymity, privacy and security issues in Polipo were fixed
+in Christopher Davis' branch (git:// and never
+merged upstream.
+We should check if these issues affect Tails.
+[[!toc levels=2]]
+# dontIdentifyToClients
+Christopher added the `dontIdentifyToClients` option (commits:
+80b45940, be116b5, c78beb81) to fix [[!tor_bug 1082]]. When set to
+true, "Polipo tries to avoid transmitting local host name, port, and
+time zone".
+1. *hostname* and *port*: Tails sets `proxyName = "localhost"` and
+ `proxyPort = 8118` just like the Tor Browser Bundle does => nothing
+ critical could be leaked - at worse, leaking this information
+ restricts the practical anonymity set to the best one Tails can try
+ putting its users into => **non-issue**.
+2. Leaking *timezone* information to the outside world would be much
+ more annoying: Tails' web browser has been trying to spoof a EN-US
+ browser since 0.7 for a reason. However, as far as I understand the
+ code and patches, that information can only be transmitted to a
+ HTTP *client* connected to Polipo (... and the option name tends to
+ confirm my guess); practically speaking, such a client can be any
+ non-SOCKS-aware applications shipped in Tails and has other means
+ to gather that information anyway, so why would it be problem if
+ Polipo leaks it? => someone else than me should double-check all
+ this since I can very possibly be misunderstanding something along
+ the way => **[[!taglink todo/research]]**.
+# others?
+Security issues that were not privacy-related have supposedly already
+been applied to the polipo package shipped in Debian
+Squeeze. This should be double-checked, though
+=> **[[!taglink todo/research]]**.