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supporting this feature, chances are that most such machines are
dead anyway.
+Test results and ideas
+### 32-bit GRUB2 EFI chainloading 32-bit syslinux EFI
+* syslinux 32-bit EFI installed in `EFI/TAILS32`
+* GRUB 32-bit EFI installed in `EFI/BOOT/bootia32.efi`
+=> did not manage to chainload 32-bit syslinux EFI from GRUB.
+On Tails/Jessie (GRUB 2.02~beta2-22), I get `error: unknown error.`
+after typing `boot`. This likely comes from
+### 32-bit GRUB2 EFI using its support to read syslinux configuration
+Are all the syslinux configuration directives we use supported?
+Apparently, at least `cpuid` isn't. `liveamd64.cfg` loads fine and
+displays a menu. After loading the `all_video`, `test`, `linux` and
+`linux16` GRUB modules, one can boot Tails with `syslinux_configfile
+Not tried loading `syslinux.cfg` yet. Note that:
+* Support for `{vesa,}menu.c32` was added in GRUB upstream, but didn't
+ make it into Debian yet.
+* We'll need to load the `cpuid` module to make our `ifcpu64`
+ directives work.
+### 32-bit GRUB2 EFI with native configuration
+If `syslinux_configfile` is not good enough, Should not be too hard to write/generate and maintain, either
+automatically or by hand.
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