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Custom APT repo: move relevant info to the place where one is looking when they want to upload a package.
The Overview section explains the branch → APT suite mapping, but it's easy to miss when one is focused on the "Importing a new package" howto, which can waste developer time: if they don't push a branch before uploading, their upload will be rejected. In practice, there's rarely any reason to follow the doc we have for "Creating a new branch" except before uploading a new package. So let's move these instructions to where they're needed, i.e. "Importing a new package".
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@@ -103,8 +103,10 @@ The custom APT repository can be browsed at <>.
-Creating a new branch
+Importing a new package
+### Creating a new branch
Push your branch to Git and wait a few minutes for the new APT suite
to appear on <>. You can look up the
@@ -114,9 +116,6 @@ Then, you probably want to drop a new file in
`config/APT_overlays.d/`, named after the APT suite corresponding to
your new branch. See details in the *Build system* section above.
-Importing a new package
### Building a package
Make sure the `Distribution:` field in your `.changes` file matches