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+[[!meta title="UX designer"]]
+- Do UX design (graphical interface, interactions, language, etc.) on
+ the maintenance or important improvements to:
+ - The core Tails system
+ - The core pages of our website
+- Answer or raise usability concerns related to the work of the
+ [[Foundations Team]]. They deal with the code, the UX designers deal
+ with the user experience.
+- Do background research work to understand better our user base, who
+ they are, what they do with Tails, what they need, and how to expand
+ it. This will help us prioritize better our roadmap, putting our users
+ in the center, and prepare better grant proposals. For example,
+ starting with gathering feedback from users both:
+ - Qualitatively: in person and online interviews and studies.
+ - Quantitatively: gathering metrics and building up infrastructure to
+ be able to gather more through website logs, help desk, online
+ surveys, etc.
+- This does not cover the UX work related to deliverables for
+ grants which have a dedicated budget.