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Reviewing guidelines: document how to check APT overlay suites without direct access to our reprepro instance.
We now have reviewers without commit/upload rights. And while I'm at it, replace obsolete mention of "the APT suite" with up-to-date instructions: branches now need to explicitly enable APT overlays.
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- Check the diff e.g. with `git log -p`. Beware of changes introduced
by merge commits: either add the `--cc` option to `git log`, or use
`git diff` after reviewing the individual patches.
-- Check the APT suite with
- `ssh reprepro list [bugfix|feature]-<name-with-dashes>`
+- Check the contents of every APT overlay that the branch enables:
+ - If you have upload rights to our [[custom APT
+ repository|contribute/APT_repository/custom]]:
+ ssh \
+ reprepro list ${APT_overlay}`
+ - Else:
+ - <${APT_overlay}/main/source/Sources>
+ - <${APT_overlay}/main/binary-amd64/Packages>
- Check the user and design documentation.
- Check the ticket.
- Changes proposed by new contributors, or by the patch'n'forget kind,