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Deprecate the "Fix committed" Redmine issue status
For details, see this email thread: [Tails-dev] [Proposal] Redmine workflow simplification: drop "Fix committed" status
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@@ -98,8 +98,7 @@ Doing", "3. To review", and "Closed".
Closing an issue means one of:
- The fix or feature the issue is about was merged and will be in
- a future release (previously: "Fix committed" for the next release,
- "Resolved" for 4.0).
+ a future release.
To list these issues: closed issues whose milestone is a version
was not released yet.
@@ -322,7 +321,6 @@ Tails community.
- "New" → open
- "Duplicates" → closed, "Duplicate" label
- "Rejected" → closed, "Rejected" label
- - "Fix committed": assume this status does not exist on Redmine anymore
* Preserve "Target version" → Milestone
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@@ -10,8 +10,9 @@
- <>
- If the changelog of the final release has not been written
yet, either book some time to update the release notes on the
- day of the release or go through the tickets marked as "Needs
- Validation" and "Fix committed" on Redmine.
+ day of the release or go through the tickets:
+ - marked as "Needs Validation" on Redmine
+ - [fixed for the upcoming release](
- If a release candidate was announced, read the call for testing
- Analyze the diff of packages
- in testing for a major release: `wget`
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@@ -68,21 +68,22 @@ Merge the branch with `--no-ff`:
- for a fix on top of the last stable: into `stable`; then merge
`stable` into `devel`
+<a id="closes"></a>
<a id="fix-committed"></a>
-Please consider including `fix-committed: #NNNN` in the commit
+Please consider including `Closes: #NNNN` in the commit
message, _NNNN_ being the ticket number that is fixed by the branch
-you are merging. Then, Redmine will automatically flag the
-corresponding ticket as "Fix committed" once you push the results of
+you are merging. Then, Redmine will automatically close the
+corresponding ticket once you push the results of
your merge to our main [[Git repository|contribute/Git]]. For example:
- Merge branch 'bugfix/8470-clean-up-apt-pinning' (Fix-committed: #8470)
+ Merge branch 'bugfix/8470-clean-up-apt-pinning' (Closes: #8470)
## Book keeping
1. Update the *Status* field on the ticket. If there is no remaining
- tasks listed on the ticket, then change its status to *Fix
- committed* (unless you used the `fix-committed` keyword documented
+ tasks listed on the ticket, then change its status to *Resolved*
+ (unless you used the `Closes` keyword documented
above); else, set it back to *In Progress* and ask the branch submitter
to split the remaining tasks into other tickets.
1. Push the updated branch to the master Git repository.
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@@ -369,8 +369,7 @@ Then, gather other useful information from:
- new upstream releases of applications mentioned in [[doc/about/features]]
- new upstream releases of other important components such as the
Linux kernel
-* the "Fix committed" section on the *Release Manager View for ${VERSION:?}*
- in Redmine.
+* the [*Completed for the next release*]( Redmine view.
Finally, sanity check the version and commit:
@@ -1431,19 +1430,9 @@ Bug tracker
Skip this part if preparing a release candidate.
-Mark all issues fixed in this release as `Status: Resolved` in our bug
-tracker. For a list of candidates, see:
-* the [issues in *Fix committed*
- status](;
-* the "Fix committed" section on the *Release Manager View for ${VERSION:?}*
- in Redmine.
-Select these issues with the checkboxes in the first column, then
-right click on the list to display the context menu, and finally
-change the _Status_ there. Relationships between tickets will likely
-prevent you from closing all these issues at once, but at least
-you can process them in several smaller batches instead of one by one.
+Edit the [*Completed for the next
+Redmine view: set the _Target version_ filter to the next scheduled release.
Postpone to next release any remaining open issue for the version
you've just released. Use the right-click contextual menu to do so in
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@@ -25,8 +25,7 @@ Tracking review'n'merge requests
Subscribe to:
-* the [*Fix
- committed*](
+* the [*Completed for the next release*](
* the [*Needs Validation*]( feed;
* merge requests on [Salsa](
@@ -115,12 +114,9 @@ Please take a time to see how we use the fields of Redmine:
* Needs Validation
- Proposed changes are ready to be reviewed.
Read our [[merge policy|/contribute/merge_policy]] to know more.
- * Fix committed:
- - The fix has been merged into the [[main Tails Git repository|contribute/git#main-repo]].
- - Added by Redmine automatically when a Git commit with `fix-committed: #NNNN`
- is added to the Tails repository.
* Resolved:
- - Fix is on current Tails.
+ - Fixed in Git. The _Target version_ indicates whether it is fixed
+ in a version of Tails that was already released, or for a future one.
* Duplicate:
- Another ticket in Redmine covers this issue. Do not forget the related issue!
You can add a related issue from the 'Related issues' section on the ticket.
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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ main [[Git repository|contribute/Git]]. For example:
This keyword should be used only in topic branches, or when committing
directly in the master branch. When merging topic branches into
-development branches, you should used the [[`fix-committed`|merge_policy#fix-committed]] keyword
+development branches, you should used the [[`Closes`|merge_policy#closes]] keyword
# Report progress or failure
diff --git a/wiki/src/contribute/working_together/roles/sponsor_deliverables/worker.mdwn b/wiki/src/contribute/working_together/roles/sponsor_deliverables/worker.mdwn
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--- a/wiki/src/contribute/working_together/roles/sponsor_deliverables/worker.mdwn
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@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ a sponsor, you must:
and deliverables; for example, you can report:
- "B.3.7 completed: #nnnn, #mmmm, etc.": all these tickets must
- have the _Resolved_ or _Fix committed_ status in Redmine.
+ have the _Resolved_ status in Redmine.
- "C.4.2 (#nnnn, #mmmm) in progress but not completed because of