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+[[!meta date="Fri Jul 31 21:00:00 2014"]]
+[[!meta title="The Tails HackFest, retrospect"]]
+[[!tag announce]]
+[Hackfest]( that
+happened on July 5-6 in Paris was a great time: about 120 people
+attended on Saturday, 70 people on Sunday. We shared some very good
+food, workshops and beer in a nice and friendly atmosphere.
+The slides of some talks are already
+[published](, but there are
+even more to come!
+The first Tails stickers were distributed and you can also make your
+own! Just use [these]( SVG
+We are particularly happy that the Hackfest attracted very different
+people, so we were a quite diverse assembly. Probably thanks to our
+(thanks Genma for the frensh translation)...
+Some people talked about the hackfest:
+[jvoisin]( , and... more?
+(please send links!)
+Thanks to: [IRILL]( for the use of the place;
+[The Tor Project](, [Mozilla
+Foundation]( and
+[Debian]( for the sponsorship; Stefano
+Zacchiroli and Sylvestre Ledru for the organization help; and of
+course, all our fabulous attendees that made the event so interesting
+and nice!
+New lists
+* <>: public, archived
+[mailing-list]( to
+talk about the non-technical decisions regarding the project
+* <>: the new contact for journalists and people
+wanting to promote Tails. Just write to <>; you
+can encrypt your email.
+* <>: public, archived
+[mailing-list]( to discuss
+Tails website and software user interfaces