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[[!meta title="Tails HackFest 2014, retrospect"]]
[[!tag announce]]
-The first Tails [Hackfest](,
+The first Tails [HackFest](,
which took place on July 5-6 in Paris, was a great event: about 120 people
attended on Saturday, 70 people on Sunday. We shared some good workshops
and some very good food and homemade beer in a nice and friendly atmosphere.
@@ -15,13 +15,13 @@ The first Tails stickers were distributed and you can also make your
own! Just use [these]( SVG
-We are particularly happy that the Hackfest attracted very different
+We are particularly happy that the HackFest attracted very different
people, so we were a quite diverse assembly. Probably thanks to our
(thanks Genma for the frensh translation)...
-Some people talked about the Hackfest:
+Some people talked about the HackFest:
[jvoisin]( , and... more?
(please send links!)