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- [[!traillink Why_does_Tails_use_Tor?|about/tor]]
- [[!traillink Can_I_hide_the_fact_that_I_am_using_Tails?|about/fingerprint]]
- [[!traillink Trusting_Tails|about/trust]]
- - [[!traillink License|about/license]]
+ - [[!traillink License_and_source_code_distribution|about/license]]
- [[!traillink Acknowledgments_and_similar_projects|about/acknowledgments_and_similar_projects]]
- [[!traillink Finances|about/finances]]
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-[[!meta title="License"]]
+[[!meta title="License and source code distribution"]]
Tails is [Free Software]( you can download, use, and
share it with no restrictions.
@@ -8,6 +8,19 @@ Tails is released under the GNU/GPL (version 3 or above).
However, Tails includes non-free firmware in order to work on as much hardware as
+Source code
+Most of the software included in Tails is taken directly from upstream
+Debian packages and is neither modified nor recompiled by Tails.
+- The source code of software that is specific to Tails is available in
+ [[our Git repositories|contribute/git]].
+- The source code of the Debian packages included in Tails is available
+ in the [APT snapshot](
+ that we created for that version of Tails.
@@ -46,16 +59,3 @@ Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
- [[Pause|]]:
Creative Commons — Attribution, by Zech Nelson.
-Distribution of the source code
-Most of the software distributed with Tails is taken directly from
-upstream Debian packages, and is not modified or recompiled by
-Tails. Software that is specific to Tails is available
-in [[our Git repositories|/contribute/git]].
-If you require or desire the sources for the Debian packages shipped
-in some version of Tails, retrieve them directly from Debian, or from
-the [[APT snapshot|contribute/APT_repository/tagged_snapshots]] we
-created for that version, e.g.