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Some documentation about how we are using Redmine is available in the
[[contribute/working_together]] pages. See also the [[review and merge
process|contribute/merge_policy/review]] documentation.
+Email commands
+Create a ticket by email
+You need to provide all the required fields in the body of the email, and the
+syntax is case sensitive. For example this works:
+ To:
+ Subject: Test creating a ticket by email
+ Project: tails
+ Tracker: Feature
+ Status: Confirmed
+ Priority: Low
+ Type of work: Test
+ It should be possible to create a ticket by sending an email to Redmine.
+If you send attachments with your email they will also be attached to the
+ticket. For example your OpenPGP signature :)
+Updating a ticket by email
+An easy trick is to reply to an email notification about that ticket. Then only
+include in the body of the email the fields that you want to change, and a
+description for your changes. For example:
+ To:
+ Subject: Re: [Tails - Feature #6813] (Confirmed) Test creating a ticket by email
+ Status: Resolved
+ This works but Redmine is quite picky on the syntax...