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Fully rework contribute/how/promote. Mention one may talk about Tails at various events.
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-You can help by advertising Tails usage to people that needs privacy while
-using computers.
+[[!meta title="Promote Tails"]]
+<div id="intro">
-* the `Promote` *Type of work* on the [[!tails_redmine "" desc="TODO"]] list.
-* [[Press and media information|press]]
-- [[!tails_todo document_common_Tails_misconceptions]]
+<p>The Tails project needs more contributors.</p>
+<p>Tor users' anonymity needs more users.</p>
+<p>You can help by promoting Tails for instance to:
+<li>people who need privacy while using computers</li>
+<li>people who might want to helpfully contribute to Tails</li>
+<li>people who themselves should be advertising Tails :)</li>
+[[!toc levels=1]]
+# Talk at events
+You can talk about Tails at various events, e.g. a local Linux User
+Group, a group of domestic violence survivors, a security conference.
+It all depends on who you happen to meet, what they are interested in,
+and what you feel comfortable talking about. Do not hesitate asking
+for advice or review of your material.
+# Specific tasks
+See the `Promote` *Type of work* on [[!tails_redmine ""
+# Advertising material
+Some minimal amount of advertising material is available already:
+ * [[Press and media information|press]]
+ * [[DVD label|promote/cd_label.pdf.gz]]
+ * [[Slides|promote/slides]]
+As you can see, there is room for improvement. Do not hesitate adding
+to the list!
+# Talk to us
+[[!inline pages="contribute/talk" raw="yes"]]