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Release process improvements.0.17.2
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@@ -192,9 +192,11 @@ SquashFS files order
1. Burn a DVD.
1. Boot this DVD **on bare metal**.
1. Add `profile` to the kernel command-line.
-1. 30 seconds after `iceweasel` has been loaded, retrieve the new sort
+1. Three minutes after `iceweasel` has been loaded, retrieve the new sort
file from `/var/log/boot-profile`.
1. Copy the new sort file to `config/binary_rootfs/squashfs.sort`.
+1. Cleanup a bit.
+1. Inspect the Git diff (including diff stat), apply common sense.
1. `git commit -m 'Updating SquashFS sort file' config/binary_rootfs/squashfs.sort`
(This sort list is automatically passed by live-build to `mksquashfs`: