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Don't use OS type "Generic default" in virt-manager (refs: #16408)
On my system (Debian Sid), new machines I create with OS type "Generic default" miss the spice channel required to share the clipboard between host and guest. When I create the machine as "Debian Stretch", this channel is automatically added.
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@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ To run the resulting Tails USB image using *virt-manager*:
1. In *step 1*, choose **Import existing disk image**.
1. In *step 2*, choose **Browse...**, and **Browse Local** to
browse for the USB image that you want to start from.
- As operating system, choose **Debian Stretch** or **Generic default**.
+ As operating system, choose **Debian Stretch**.
1. In *step 3*, allocate at least 2048 MB of RAM.
1. In *step 4*:
- Type a name for the new virtual machine.